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Brasil Oberon

Brasil Oberon

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Brazil Oberon is a 100 percent Cerrado blend that consistently captures the qualities this region is celebrated for: a creamy body, sweet chocolate and citric notes, and a light acidity. It's a profile that has been carefully established over time.

Cerrado region is in the southwestern corner of  Minas Gerais state and is home to approximately 140,000 hectares of dedicated coffee production and  3,600 coffee producers, most of whom are organized into large cooperatives. Various smallholder farmers contribute to this coffee, and contributors change each year, as the focus is on an absolutely consistent cup profile.

Tasting Notes: Spiced Dark Chocolate, Nougat

Roast Level - Medium 

Brew Tips - Good for espresso and espresso-based beverages. 

  • Geography: Region Cerrado
  • Producer: Various Smallholders
  • Variety: Mundo Novo, Catucai, Acaia
  • Processing: Natural
  • Plant Species: Arabica 
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