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Indonesia Sumatra Mandheling

Indonesia Sumatra Mandheling

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This coffee offers a delightful flavor profile, combining the sweet richness of caramel, the smooth creaminess of vanilla, and the robust depth of black tea and perfectly captures the essence of the Paranginan region of Indonesia. 

It features a mix of Tim Tim, Catimor, and Lasuna varieties, and is processed using the traditional wet-hulled or Giling Basah method, the beans are partially dried, then hulled, and finally dried again. This process enhances the coffee's inherent flavors and imparts a rich, full-bodied taste that is characteristic of Indonesian coffees.  

Mandheling coffees are grown by small holder farmers in shade, usually organically in practice.

Tasting Notes: Caramel, Vanilla, Black Tea 

Roast Level - Medium 

  • Geography: Batak Region - West Sumatra
  • Producer: Various smallholders
  • Variety: Catimor, Tipica
  • Proccessing: Wet-Hulled/Giling Basah
  • Plant species: Arabica
  • Distinction: Organic
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